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Founded on our love for homestyle cooking and authentic Indian cuisine, Chicago’s own Tikka N’ Curry has set out on a simple mission to deliver only the best tasting, scratch-made Indian curries and succulent sauces.

Since opening, the Tikka N’ Curry restaurant became an instant hit in the Chicago, prized for its rich variety of tikka proteins and curry sauces, which we created as part of our efforts to celebrate India’s cultural diversity. 

In 2019, we were named the best lunch spot by the Chicago Tribune. We believe the sky is the limit to the products we produce, and while we have an already impressive range to date – we’re not stopping here.

Our mission is centred around our desire to share our deep respect for our heritage, pride in our culture and a lifelong craving for the fresh, potent flavors found only in traditional Indian cooking. We want to showcase real Indian food and flavors, as you’ve never tasted before.

Every sauce and every curry you find on our website is inspired by our Mother’s recipes and family-style cooking. The best part about it? Each meal is made from scratch. We put our heart and soul into everything we craft, using the best practices and the freshest ingredients.

Our best-selling Tikka Masala Sauce was such a hit that customers from all over Chicago came just to get their hands on their own jar! This was a breakthrough moment for us – and then we quickly decided it was time to share our world-class sauces with the world!

If you’re one who craves rich, bold flavors and authentic Indian herbs and spices, you’re in the right place. We never add additives, preservatives, or extra oils to our curries so you can get a real taste for quality Indian ingredients. 

In other words, our homestyle curries are simple, yet packed with exceptional taste and flavor. Ready to give us a try?

Have the best (and nothing less) on your plate tonight.


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